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Kabuki brush By Simply Essentials. Today 50% off! Round for Maximum Coverage. FREE ebook included "The Secret To Using A Kabuki Brush".One of the Best Large Long Handled Foundation makeup brushes You Can Purchase. Professional Quality, Very Soft Bristle Brush, Very Natural Look Blender Brush WITH Very																																																				 Dense Bristles. Great for Professional Make up Look. Use with any makeup Including Mac, philosophy foundation makeup, BARE ESSENTIALS FOUNDATION and BARE MINERALS FOUNDATION. Similiar to Sigma and mac makeup brushes, best make up brush and FOUNDATION BRUSH. 1 Year Guarantee. This Brush Covers Imperfections and Creates a Professional but NATURAL MAKEUP look.
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Kabuki brush By Simply Essentials. Today 50% off! Round for Maximum Coverage. FREE ebook included "The Secret To Using A Kabuki Brush".One of the Best Large Long Handled Foundation makeup brushes You Can Purchase. Professional Quality, Very Soft Bristle Brush, Very Natural Look Blender Brush WITH Very Dense Bristles. Great for Professional Make up Look. Use with any makeup Including Mac, philosophy foundation makeup, BARE ESSENTIALS FOUNDATION and BARE MINERALS FOUNDATION. Similiar to Sigma and mac makeup brushes, best make up brush and FOUNDATION BRUSH. 1 Year Guarantee. This Brush Covers Imperfections and Creates a Professional but NATURAL MAKEUP look.

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Would you like that perfect natural makeup look? The right makeup brush is so important for the coveted professional natural look! This densely packed synthetic makeup brush allows for moderate to full coverage of liquid, cream and powder foundation. The round top brush allows for easy application for angles of the face. Simply Essentials designed the round top kabuki brush for a flawless makeup application. The dense bristles make it easy to apply your liquid, cream or powder foundation. The long handle adds ease to your makeup application. The brush is also uniquely designed for stippling, contouring, covering imperfections and blending out your makeup. Create a luminous glow with the application of your make up! You will get an even application, natural looking coverage, every time. The synthetic fibers are ideal to be used with liquid, cream and powder products and can be easily cleaned. Vegan-friendly! 1 year guarantee. Click the "add to cart" Order Button to try it now. It will arrive quickly!


✔ Great buffed foundation airbrush finish, NATURAL MAKEUP look and PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP look

✔ Kabuki brushes flat top with dense soft bristles, large kabuki brush with long wooden handle, highest quality material 6' long x 1.5' wide

✔ Makeup brushes with secure bristles that do not shed, Easy to clean kabuki brush, soft bristle brush

✔ Covers imperfections, Great for all types of makeup

✔ ★ No Risk 1 Year Guarantee ★

Product Details:
Package Length: 6.0 inches
Package Width: 3.3 inches
Package Height: 0.8 inches
Package Weight: 0.02 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 89 reviews

Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 5.0 ( 89 customer reviews )

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

5 of 5 found the following review helpful:

5Lots of Professional Make-up Power in One Lovely Brush!Jul 27, 2014
By Kim T.
I have never tried a kabuki brush before but I splurge on my mineral makeup (shout out to Mendocino Minerals! The best mineral makeup ever. No, not an owner, just a happy customer), and needed to get away from the big puffy brush that I have been using for a long time, way too long, so decided to get this brush. Gotta have some new fun stuff for my upcoming vacation! It arrived very fast, practically overnight, very nicely packaged and I was first struck by how soft and beautiful it is. I couldn't stop stroking it. After I got my fill of petting it, it was time to try it on my face. I dipped and tapped and applied it to my face. It still felt super soft and I gotta admit, I was pleased at how fresh looking, and flawless it made my makeup look and feel. You can also use it to blend excess powder and blush for an even more polished and professional look, which is what I got with this brush that I could NOT get with the puffier brush. A lot of Kabuki brushes have short, stubby handles, but I like this longer handle better.

If you want really light coverage, you may want to try a less densely packed Kabuki brush (this one blends better, see below), but I am hooked on this one and really glad I found it. It does everything you need. Good price too. I've seen and felt other Kabuki brushes (friends and salons), and this one, in my humble opinion, it right up there in quality with the high end brands and at a great price too.

Oh, and can't forget how good it is for applying bronzer too. After applying you just clean off excess (some people use different brushes for each type of makeup but I don't. I just clean it gently with a soft cloth and have never had any problem with that) you can try this method that I found online and it worked great! I "bronzed" myself for a picnic yesterday with this method and my new brush and got lots of compliments:

The 3-3-W method for foolproof powder bronzer application----

Make a 3 on each side of your face. Start at the temple, swoop the brush to your cheekbone, then swoop again along your jawline.

Make a W across your nose area. Start with one cheekbone, swoop down and back up to the nose, then swoop to the other cheekbone.

This highlights the areas that would be most affected by natural sunlight, making you look lightly sun-kissed."

Hope this helps. Will add more helpful tips as I get to know this fabulous brush more!

4 of 4 found the following review helpful:

5Most Versatile Brush In My CollectionAug 11, 2014
By crystal1852
I was very excited to try this brush, since I"d already heard great things about it. When I get a makeup brush, I have certain criteria that I look for. The first thing that I do when I open a makeup brush from its packaging is scent.. does it have a funky odor? Then, I look at the structure of the handle, the sturdiness of the ferrule, the density of the brush and the softness of the brush. This is all before I ever use the brush. So, when I opened this brush, it did NOT have a funky odor. The handle is appropriately sized to hold, it has a bit of weight to it. The ferrule was firmly attached to the handle, no wiggling. The brush is very dense, the dome top does not yield severely when pressure is applied. The brush is so amazingly soft, it feels luxurious!
I tried various makeup application techniques to see how this brush could be used. The first day, I tested the brush out on mineral powder. I have had this mineral powder for nearly a year. I've rarely used it. I had high hopes for the powder, but it was always kind of blah. This changed when I used this brush with it. It turns out, it wasn't the powder that was blah, it was the brush that came with it that was lacking. This kabuki brush picked up all of the powder that I dusted into the cap! When I tapped the excess, hardly anything came off. That is how well it holds product. However, when I applied the mineral powder, I wasn't left with a glob of powder in one spot with a light layer in another. This brush applies and blends product like a dream! Now, I really like that mineral powder that I ignored all year.
The next day, I tested the brush with liquid foundation. I applied it, first by tapping it on the four regions of the face and then blended with a circular motion. This was so much better than using a flat foundation brush. I didn't have any streaking or lines, it took way less time to apply, it was effortless.
The third day, I tested the brush out on cream foundation. The brush didn't dig into the cream, or leave gouges on the surface. It picked up the right amount, with a simple swirl from the pot. Again, this was so much better than using a flat foundation brush. It blends beautifully. For this foundation, I first stippled the foundation on and then blended. The finish was the airbrush finish that looks flawless.
The fourth day, I tested the brush with mousse foundation. Once again, I had no problems with this. It was effortless, speedy and fantastic. On this day, I also decided to see if I could contour with bronzer and add blush too. I used one side of the brush (at an angle) to apply the bronzer to the hollows under my cheek bones, the temples, under neck, etc. and blended to a perfect finish. Then, I patted the top of the brush onto the blush and applied to the cheeks and it blended beautifully with the bronzer. Not heavy, streaky or muddy.
The final day, I tested washing the brush. It had a week of makeup on it. I used a mild soap to clean it. It was easy to clean. After drying it on its side overnight, it's fine. The brush held its shape, it did not shed, it's still soft.
If you are the type of person who doesn't want to have a bunch of brushes for different applications and you just want a simple brush to use, get this brush. If you travel for work and you don't want to have to pack too many brushes, GET THIS BRUSH. If you don't have a ton of time in the morning to do your makeup and you want to get your makeup on without too much fuss, GET THIS BRUSH! Seriously, this brush is amazingly versatile.

2 of 2 found the following review helpful:

5Amazing Coverage!Aug 06, 2014
By dz424
I love wearing mineral makeup, but I could never get even coverage using my old brushes. I would end up using tons of excess powder to get the look I wanted, but not with this brush. I was shocked with how little powder I actually needed to get the coverage I wanted with this brush. This Kabuki brush left no bristles behind, so for once my husband wasn't picking them off my face when we went out! I love how soft it is. It just feels amazing when you are applying your makeup. If you are in search of a Kabuki brush, this one is for you!

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

5Easier to achieve perfect makeup!Aug 07, 2014
The first thing I noticed and was impressed with right away is the heft to this brush and the length of the handle. After removing the plastic shield and feeling the bristles.....REALLY LOVE! To say it is soft is an understatement! It's amazing. This brush IS versatile, as it's held up and done well with loose powder, pressed powder and liquid. (And yes, I've ran it through all!) On that note, I think using it with liquid has been my favorite. The coverage is flawless and perfect which I think is because of the densely packed soft bristles. I haven't lost a bristle one, and the bristles return to perfection after washing. Kudos to Simply Essentials for nailing such a wonderful product!

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

5For the price, this brush is amazing!Aug 03, 2014
By Bethany Stone
I have used numerous makeup brushes in my life. I love how soft and velvety-feeling this kabuki brush is! It's a pleasure to use. For the price, this brush is amazing. I had been using a natural-hair brush to apply all-over powder, but I find that I like this brush better because the bristles are denser. I like that it has a long handle (instead of a mushroom-stem handle) so I can stand it up in my brush cup for easy access. After 2 weeks of use, I didn't find any shedding like I've experienced with lower quality brushes.

Kudos for Kabuki!

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